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Shedarren Fanning

CEO Words

"I have been in law enforcement for 14 years with the City Atlanta Police Department. I am a sergeant currently assigned to Field Operations Division, and the former detective with the Special Enforcement Section (SES) as a detective. My first passion is my family. I wear my badge in honor of them."  

About Me

Shedarren Fanning is currently post certified by (GA. POST) and employed full-time with the City of Atlanta Police Dept as a sergeant with in the Field Operations Division (FOD). He was formerly a detective Special Enforcement Section (SES) Z4 CSU. He has completed all the A.P.L.I Tier#2 Leadership Courses through Target Solutions. He has served as a Private Executive Protection officer for " Presidential Security" catered to Alabama Government officials and property, and as a Sworn Peace officer for 14 years. He is also a member of the Mobile Field Force Team to prevent, and calm riots.

Shedarren has been assigned to CID School Detective Unit and assisted the Atlanta police Gang Unit. He conducted the safety curriculum for Atlanta Public Schools, updated APS and Atlanta Police Gang database, Criminal Investigations, Gang Intel, Gang Investigations, Undercover Narcotics, Rico cases, state and federal Prosecutions, and Youth Camps. Currently, He has also have worked with other agencies and units, such as Homeland Security, IRS, ATF, US Marshals, DEA, Narcotics, APEX, and Fugitive Tasks force unit.  He also a former advisor for the Atlanta Police Explores with the Boys Scout of Atlanta and received a Certificate of Recognition. 

Shedarren is also an active Member of the Georgia Gang Investigator Association and the Security supervisor for a non-profit called Harvest Tyme food Ministries Inc. With the combined experienced he has, Shedarren feels is fully capable to lead the current and future growth to redefine the line that separates the community and law.

Certificates & Achievements

• First responder certification, (2004) 

• EMT basic certification (2008) 

• Active shooter response course 

• Mobile Field Force Training/unit 

• Extended law enforcement Cert 

• Mobile Field Force Certified/Riot team 

• Police cyclist course 

• Field Investigation Training* 

• APLI Atlanta Police Leadership Institute courses 

• Proactive Federal and State Investigations 

• Confidential sources and funds 

• Mexican Cartel Investigations* 

• Commercial Sexual exploitation of children 

• Integrated Drug and Contraband interdiction 

• Narcotics Enforcement 

• Gang Intelligence Course 

• Emergency Narcotics Operation* 

• Vice and Narcotics investigations 

• Understanding Islamist terrorism 1-4 

• Drug Undercover Operations 

• School Resource Officer training 

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